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signatories of the Student Manifesto
Signatories of the Student Manifesto
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Meetings with executive leaders
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Calls shared on social media
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Studies and first job: getting actively involved in a wake-up call on the environment

At the beginning: a Manifesto

Since 2018, 30,000 students have signed the “Wake up Call on the environment: A Student Manifesto." With this manifesto, we expressed our concern for the ecological emergency and thus our determination to integrate these issues into our daily lives and jobs.


The success of the Manifesto has created a new dialogue between students and decision makers. We decided to gather our forces and created the Ecological Awakening collective in order to make our voices even stronger. We believe that, as students and young graduates, we have a key role to play in transforming education and choosing jobs consistent with the challenges we are facing.

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Time for action

How can the commitments made by signing the Manifesto be realised?

After one year of reflection and exchanges with companies, higher education institutions as well as public actors, we finally have an answer.

Here, students and young graduates will find help to integrate ecological issues in their studies and to know if their future employer is sufficiently committed to the ecological transition.

To learn more about it, read our background letter


Transforming higher education and choosing our (future) jobs

Waking up our employers

If you want to assess an employer’s level of commitment to the transition, you may use our guide “ How to choose your job : the right questions to ask”. Let employers know that young graduates having expectations regarding the company’s environmental policy is essential if we want them to react. This is why we help you to ask some of these questions during job interviews.

We sent the very same set of questions to a large panel of companies, answers are available on this page: Companies answer our questions. Using our Anti-Greenwashing Guide, you will be able to read their answers with critical eyes, and assess the company’s level of sustainability by yourself.

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Waking up higher education

Do you want your school to teach you more about ecological issues? The higher education & transition platform offers practical tools to support students who want to integrate ecological issues in their studies and mobilize their university. Visit this page if you want to know more about it.

What more can we do?

The page What more to do? tackles other kinds of commitment and gives access to useful resources to know more about topics such as saving, digitalisation or nutrition.

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