Commitment to the environment as an employee

Facing the ecological emergency necessarily involves a radical transformation of corporate activities, to make them participate in the collective achievement of carbon neutrality, stop the collapse of biodiversity, return to a reasoned capture of resources and stop the multiplication of pollution.

Several levers are essential to achieve this. First of all, public regulation and, above all, citizen mobilization, the desire to protect against future ecological crises, but also the mobilization of employees themselves, within their companies, who want to work for organizations that are ecologically and socially useful.

For this, it is essential to come together as a collective. Many employees are concerned about ecological issues, even if many do not dare or think about expressing themselves on the subject. Creating a collective of employees committed to ecology means allowing themselves to work together to convince their management that the company's activity only makes sense if it does not compromise our ability to live on a planet that remains pleasant to live on !

Mapping of employee groups committed to ecology in France

We provide a map of existing collectives, to join them, network with them, or be inspired by them. For each collective, it is possible to post a testimony written by its members. Do not hesitate to contact us to add yours!

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Join the network of employee groups committed to ecology

Under the impetus of Pour un réveil écologique, groups of employees committed to ecology have come together to create LES COLLECTIFS, an association that networks groups of employees who want to act together to accelerate the ecological transformation of their companies. Do not hesitate to contact them and join them!

Practical guide for employee groups committed to ecology

This guide is intended for employees who want to create a collective of employees committed to ecology, to make it grow, to make it more effective, to convince its management to transform the activity of its company. It has been created from the multiple feedbacks from existing employee collectives, from the Alumni For The Planet association, from the FEVE network, from the Gate 17 association, and from the work and experience of the For an ecological awakening collective.

Create, grow and make useful your collective in 4 steps

Understand everything about ecological issues and their impact on your business
Understand everything about ecological issues and their impact on your business
Get together with other colleagues
Get together with other colleagues
Taking action
Taking action
Advance your demands
Advance your demands

Understand everything about ecological issues and their impact on your business

Are you new to a company, or are you looking for ways to align your job and your company's activity with your ecological convictions? To start, it is essential to be trained on ecological issues. This will give you the tools and legitimacy to convince your hierarchy of the importance of taking action, it will then allow you to identify relevant actions to take and finally to acquire enough critical - and constructive - thinking to analyze the effectiveness of what your company is implementing.

To keep in mind: the ecological stakes are multiple and complex. Climate change is not the same thing as the collapse of biodiversity, the scarcity of resources or pollution. These issues are both related and specific.

Understanding climate change

Understanding the collapse of biodiversity

Understanding resource scarcity

Understanding pollution

Get together with other colleagues

Pour participer de l’intérieur à la transformation de son entreprise, mieux vaut être accompagné que seul. Rassembler autour de ce projet vos collègues qui partagent votre envie d’agir est une première étape indispensable.

Initiate discussions

Organize the first meeting

Encourage other colleagues to join you

Educate other employees

Organize yourself

Taking action

Vous êtes informés, et avec rassemblé des collègues, la question qui se pose maintenant : que faire ? Voici les différents plans d'action que vous pouvez adopter.

Make a diagnosis according to your sector of activity

Identify the most essential ecological transformations

Implement an action plan

First ideas for action

Advance your demands

Vous vous êtes informés sur les enjeux écologiques de votre entreprise, regroupés, avez identifié les leviers, obstacles et mis au point des propositions concrètes. Il ne reste plus qu’à les mettre en œuvre !

Advance your proposals

Tips to keep in mind for success

The right arguments to convince

Share your expectations with your company's employee representatives

Sustain your actions over the long term

Join Alumni For The Planet

The network of higher education graduates Alumni For The Planet provides tools to identify employees of his company who are also concerned about environmental issues, to launch a call to spread on social networks, and provides a guide to engage in his company similar to the one on this site - since we built it together. Don't hesitate to sign their call and discover their site!

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