đź“° Press release - Training and first job: young people commit to an ecological awakening

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Faced with the growing damage caused by the environmental crisis, the collective For an ecological awakening is launching a vast campaign aimed at students and young graduates who want to work for companies whose strategy is really aligned with the ecological emergency.

Paris, November, 5th 2019.

The Student Manifesto for an Ecological Awakening, launched in September 2018 and signed by 30,000 students from prestigious schools and universities in France and Europe, was a resounding success. By signing the Manifesto, these pioneering students announced their refusal to engage in work for employers whose strategy and activities are ecologically anachronistic.

One year later, the collective For an ecological awakening launched a platform for students and young graduates: Their goal: to provide tools to analyze the reliability of their future employers’ commitment to the ecological transition.

The platform offers among other things:

  • A series of questions to identify if your future employer has a strategy and activities that are consistent with your environmental concerns;
  • The unpublished answers of about fifty large companies that have agreed to answer these questions, combined with an anti-greenwashing guide;
  • Questions to ask in a job interview, ways to transform your company from the inside, and much more.

"A company that no longer succeeds in recruiting is doomed to failure," says Chloé Vincent, student at Paris Dauphine and member of the collective. "Giving our classmates the means to work for employers who are tackling the issue of ecological transition also means putting pressure on the many companies not seriously involved in it, as they will experience growing recruitment problems.”

In the meantime, the collective offers kits for methods to be implemented by students in their school to make ecological issues part of their training, as well as tools to connect students involved in this transformation. Faced with the challenges of climate change, new generations must be trained. Today, the collective coordinates student ambassadors in more than 400 higher education institutions.

Ce besoin est conforté par la récente proposition de loi de la députée Delphine Batho relative à la généralisation de l'enseignement des enjeux écologiques, qu’a motivé le succès du Manifeste, ainsi que par l’appel de 80 dirigeants d’établissements à la formation des étudiants aux enjeux climatique paru en septembre dernier.

Aujourd’hui, le collectif coordonne des ambassadeurs étudiants dans plus de 400 établissements du supérieur.

"As citizens, we can engage in ecological transition in many different ways. Two particularly powerful levers are available to young people: the transformation of our schools and the choice of our first job," concludes Corentin Bisot, a student at the Ecole polytechnique and a member of the collective.

The plateform is available at

Press contact : Antoine Trouche - 06 72 19 72 94 -


The collective For an ecological awakening (Pour un réveil écologique, in French) is at the initiative of the similarly named Manifesto, launched in September 2018 by students from prestigious French schools and signed by nearly 30,000 students from over 400 higher education institutions, in France and Europe.

The collective brings together students and young graduates who are committed to questioning their comfort zone so that society can change profoundly with regard to the ecological emergency. In particular, they pledge to choose a future employer that implements a truly ambitious environmental strategy. As students, they commit to transform higher education by putting the ecological transition at its core.

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