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Pour un réveil écologique is an initiative born in the wake of the Student Manifesto for an Ecological Awakening, launched in September 2018 and signed by nearly 30,000 students from more than 400 higher education institutions, mostly in France. We are students and young graduates, each of whom has a different background and personal journey, but we share the same will and desire to act in the face of the climate change challenge.

Within the Ecological Awakening collective (Pour un réveil écologique in French), we seek to accelerate the transition to an economic system compatible with the limits of the Earth and sustainable for humanity. To this end, we focus our action on the twin issues of education and employment. We believe these two issues represent powerful levers for action, since they are often neglected, while being within our reach as students and young graduates. This text presents the movement For an ecological awakening, the paths we propose to move from words to deeds and, more fundamentally, our vision of a desirable society: our vision of an ecological awakening.

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